Monday, August 24, 2009

6 days in NM: days 5+6 - a referendum

Apparently, the state motto of New Mexico is Crescit Eundo, or "Grow As It Grows."

Bor-ing. I have a much better suggestion: "Smothered in Green Chile."

It seems as if pretty much every restaurant serving New Mexican food uses the word "smothered" on the menu when it comes to chile. This translates into a platter of some astonishingly delicious food which looks a mess and tastes like heaven.

For instance, in addition to the Los Potrillos breakfast described earlier, there was lunch on Sunday at JoAnn's in Espanola, across the way from the Rock Christian Fellowship. I had pork tamales (my goodness, I love tamales) with rice and beans and a blanket of green chile, along with sopaipillas that didn't quite match up to The Pantry's.

Then, dinner last night at Joseph's Table here in Taos, where it was too dark to document my beet, goat cheese and pinon salad, or my buffalo cheeseburger with green chile, both of which were wonderful. (By the by, I believe that was my first buffalo meal, though I may have tasted it during my foodie mag days back in the '90s.)

And then there was breakfast today, at Taos Diner, a restaurant to which I give a big stamp of approval: scrambled eggs with chorizo, positively smothered in green chile, served with potatoes and fresh flour tortilla. If I lived in Taos, I would eat here - a lot.

And there's a convenient pawn shop next door, in case you're in desperate need of green chile but are short on cash.

I'll be starting an online petition regarding the new state motto. Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Next time in Taos, I would suggest Graham's Grill. Similar prices to Joseph's Table and located across the street from the historic Taos Inn. While not particularly focused on New Mexican cuisine, they serve up some tasty fare. I was there a few weeks back and had the Maplewood smoked trout cakes with horseradish tartar- my lord, goodness in every bite.

    And by all means, stay at the La Dona Luz Inn, located in the heart of the historic district, behind the El Rincon trading post on Kit Carson Rd. It's in a 100 year old adobe home converted to a wonderfully eclectic B&B and owned and operated by a family that has lived in Taos since 1900.


  2. R. Mutt, thanks for the suggestions. I loved Taos - liked its scruffiness after Santa Fe. We tried to eat at Graham's, but the only option was the patio, and it was COLD in Taos Sunday!

    La Dona Luz sounds perfect - I'm filing that recommendation away in my future trips file.