Monday, August 24, 2009

6 days in NM: day 4 - I'm almost embarrassed...

...but we went back to Los Potrillos for dinner on Saturday. So in the span of four days in Santa Fe, we hit Los Potrillos three times, including twice in one day.

No regrets. I had to have the molcajete al pastor again, and this time we also ordered coctel de pulpo (chilled octopus served in a tomato/lime/cilantro sauce, with saltines) and a nopales (cactus) salad with avocado and cheese. I forgot how much I love coctels - I used to eat them in L.A., at a roadside stand on Lincoln Boulevard by Rose Ave called Mariscos, which also had fantastic fish tacos.

As you can see from the "After" photo, dinner was a success, thanks in part to a round of my favorite beer, Pacifico.

A commenter on an earlier post asked, in regards to my eating huevos rancheros for breakfast and at high-end Geronimo for dinner, if I'm bipolar. I was unaware that one is supposed to stick within one social category of dining; if so, I've been making gross errors of etiquette my entire life. I bring this up because the commenter will love this one: after dinner at Los Potrillos, we went to see La Traviata with Natalie Dessay at the gorgeous Santa Fe opera house. How's that for bipolar behavior?


  1. Hmm...I don't see any dining errors in your posts at all looks tasty and delicious! That's pretty much as consistent an eating theme as I'd like to have through life, too.

  2. Siobhan who are you travelling with? You say 'we' and then sometimes there is a torso behind your yummy food. -moni-e

  3. La Dolce Vida Siobhan.

    So I'll assume you have no trouble distinguishing between Verdi And Verde. No?

  4. Ha! Good one, Remonster. I do admit that, if forced to choose, I'd probably opt for Verde.