Thursday, June 18, 2009

The War of the Worlds, 2009

ANNOUNCER: Wait a minute, the — the enemy's now in sight above the Palisades: five — five great machines. First one is crossing the river. I can see it from here, wading — wading the Hudson like a man wading through a brook.... Now the first machine reaches the shore. He stands watching, looking over the city. His steel, cowlish head is even with the skyscrapers. He waits for the others.

— Orson Welles, "The War of the Worlds," Mercury Theatre Original Radio Broadcast, October 30, 1938

{pic: The Standard Hotel, at the High Line, Chelsea, NYC}


  1. love it. love the association.

  2. As a francophone might put it "trés juste", "trés bien vu", or more simply "right on, sister!". My first impression of "the enemy" was that it's a copy of a part of the French Ministère de Finances building in Paris that overhangs the Seine. And speaking of overhanging (cf: Damocles, sword), also known as the French version of the IRS. But to anyone who's seen the French building, this just looks like a castrated, partial building. Sorry, just doen't do it for me, it's like a timid sequel.