Monday, July 6, 2009

on the road in June

One of the consequences of my big life disruption of a year ago is that I don't really have a home. Most of my belongings are in storage in the Bronx somewhere (at least, I hope they are; there's always the chance my mover sold everything last June and has since been happily depositing my monthly fees in the meantime), and I still feel too up in the air to make any sort of long-term housing decision; even a three-month sublet seems like waaaaaaaaay too much commitment right now.

So I'm always on the prowl for trips and visits - hence the 25 days in Paris, the two months in Mexico at the end of last year, and, now, the house-sitting stints and road trips.

In fact, I counted up the number of places I've stayed in the past year, and the grand total is 21 - not bad for a jobless gal!

June saw a number of excursions, in various locales: from top, Harlem, Morningside Park, a view from Skinner Mountain in Massachusetts, a view from West 72nd Street, post-storm on a harbor in Connecticut, and still life with Henry on the Upper West Side.


  1. you're a slowly rolling stone - moni-e

  2. What lovely photos. :-)